Monday, September 29, 2014

Fall Break offers Opportunities for Travelers

It has long been a best kept secret that Fall Break is a great time to travel.  So, here is my top 5 reasons for traveling during Fall Break:

  1. Discounted Rates-  With peak season ending, often tour companies are working to end their year strong.  Resorts that were priced at premium just a couple months prior are now offering rates that are more attractive to travelers.
  2. More Intimate Locations-  The kids are in school and folks are preparing for the holidays.  Resorts tend to be less crowded during this time frame offering a more intimate setting.
  3. Last Chance to Experience Summer Warmth-  The cool weather is setting in and you are fighting the end of summer blues.  There are still some great destinations that offer warm climates.  The Caribbean is one area that is nice in the fall too.
  4. Seasonable Sites-  This is the other side of it.  Fall foliage tours offer travelers seasonable sites that get you ready for the upcoming winter months.
  5. Who Doesn't Want to Get Away-  Seriously?!  Everyone needs one last get away before the holidays.  Fall is the perfect break from the busy days of summer and the upcoming crazy holidays.  So, get out of town!
If you need help planning your fall break getaway.  Please call one of our agents at Adventure Travel (800) 540-9030.  We are always looking for those special rates and would be more than happy to help you plan your next vacation.