Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Carnival Sunshine

I just returned after 7 days aboard the beautiful Carnival Sunshine.  A truly beautiful ship sailing out of New Orleans that made the perfect February get away.  While those who have sailed on the Carnival Magic (which I did last August) might be slightly disappointed, I would still give this ship 2 thumbs up. The smaller size only marginally takes away from some of the amenities, but is made up in beauty and charm.  Once known as the Carnival Destiny, the Carnival Sunshine went through a full overhaul last year that has added features that can be seen aboard some of their newer and larger ships.  They boast 3 water slides and a splash zone that is fun for kids and adults.  Their Red Frog Pub has a laid back and fun atmosphere, it does not serve food like they do on other ships but still worth the visit.  Their Chinese food, Pizza, and Burrito Bar have great flavors that offer a good variety to cruisers.  I would go as far as naming Guy's Burgers the best burgers at sea.  These are just some of the many food options aboard the ship.  They had an AWESOME magician named "Spike", who claims to "sneak into your mind" and was entertaining for all ages.  While he is not one of their main acts, he can be seen in the Liquid Lounge, in dining rooms during meals and other places on the ship.  I would go as far to say the intimacy of his act was captivating to viewers and was better than the big name magician they brought on board.  Their DJ and one of their main musicians "Andy" were fun and entertaining.  They interact with cruisers and bring life to the ship.  Camp Carnival had some of the friendliest counselors I have ever met, and my room steward was to die for!  Port of calls are unchanged:  Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Cozumel.  Jamaica has so many amazing shore excursions to offer.  I highly recommend purchasing a shore excursion for this stop.  If you don't, you will be disappointed.  That is my opinion.  In Grand Cayman if you don't do an excursion, I would recommend visiting 7 mile beach.  The shopping is also a little better at this stop and is as easy as just walking right off the ship.  In Cozumel, you can walk right off the boat as well.  There is shopping, food and massages on the beach.  The massage on the beach is wonderful.  It was $50 for an hour massage- you can't beat that price and it offers a local atmosphere that is fun and relaxing.
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