Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Big Apple in 2015

Time Square

So, I know it has been awhile since I last wrote, and believe me when I say it is not for lack of vacations in my life.   In fact, I have just returned from my adventure to New York City.  This year I accompanied 99 people to see some of the most famous attractions.  While we shopped, people watched, behaved like tourists and even pretended to be locals at times; I am going to list some of the highlights from our trip.

  1. Yankees Stadium-  Even if you are not a baseball fan, the atmosphere is fun for all.   
    Yankees Stadium
  2. 9-11 Memorial Museum-  This is a must see.  The museum does a wonderful job of highlighting the people, and really focuses on the future.
  3. Intrepid Museum-  Educational outings usually are not my thing.  However being on the Intrepid and getting to walk through the captains bridge, see the array of air crafts to include the Enterprise and much more, was more than interesting.    
    Aircraft at Intrepid Museum
  4. Little Italy-  One evening my friend and I took the metro over to China Town and Little Italy.  We walked around and checked out the markets, and finally settled on a little Italian Restaurant with outdoor seating.  As the sun set, we enjoyed our food and drinks, people watched and even saw some of the local children playing in the street.  The atmosphere was perfect.
  5.  60 Minute Harbor Cruise-  I say this every time, this is the best way to see the Statue of Liberty and the New York City Skyline.  The brief cruise is the perfect opportunity to get all your pictures and is narrated for those who what to know what they are seeing.  
    1. Photo from Harbour Cruise
  6. Broadway Baby-  You just can't go to New York City and not see a Broadway Show.  While I have seen several, this year the show Aladdin stole my heart.  A great production for young and old, I have never seen a show that had so much energy.  In addition, I was able to get discounted tickets to see Phantom of the Opera again.  Always my favorite.  If you are near a theater, stop in and ask what they have.  Tkts in time square does have great deals, but so do the theaters.  
  7. Hotel Near Time Square-  I am not saying you have to spend $600 a night and stay in Time Square.  However, I would recommend staying near Time Square.  Find something within walking distance.  This time we stayed at the Fairfield Inn Time Square, which is about 3 blocks from Time Square.  While the decor was a little too modern for my taste, the location and service far exceeded my expectations.  Being close to Time Square allows you the opportunity to be in the action Night or Day, which is a must see for all travelers.
  8. Take the Metro-  It is an experience and it is the most economical way to travel in New York City.
  9. Empire State Building-  The views of the city are second to none.  Don't miss the opportunity to see the big apple from above.
  10. Central Park-  Keep in mind that Central Park is huge!  So there are many different areas in Central Park.  Personally, I like to explore the area where the artists are located.  However, strawberry fields is a great area too.  Don't be afraid to go out and explore.
If you ever decide to go check out New York City for yourself, please call or email me.  I would be happy to help you book the trip of a lifetime.

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Fall Break offers Opportunities for Travelers

It has long been a best kept secret that Fall Break is a great time to travel.  So, here is my top 5 reasons for traveling during Fall Break:

  1. Discounted Rates-  With peak season ending, often tour companies are working to end their year strong.  Resorts that were priced at premium just a couple months prior are now offering rates that are more attractive to travelers.
  2. More Intimate Locations-  The kids are in school and folks are preparing for the holidays.  Resorts tend to be less crowded during this time frame offering a more intimate setting.
  3. Last Chance to Experience Summer Warmth-  The cool weather is setting in and you are fighting the end of summer blues.  There are still some great destinations that offer warm climates.  The Caribbean is one area that is nice in the fall too.
  4. Seasonable Sites-  This is the other side of it.  Fall foliage tours offer travelers seasonable sites that get you ready for the upcoming winter months.
  5. Who Doesn't Want to Get Away-  Seriously?!  Everyone needs one last get away before the holidays.  Fall is the perfect break from the busy days of summer and the upcoming crazy holidays.  So, get out of town!
If you need help planning your fall break getaway.  Please call one of our agents at Adventure Travel (800) 540-9030.  We are always looking for those special rates and would be more than happy to help you plan your next vacation.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Carnival Sunshine

I just returned after 7 days aboard the beautiful Carnival Sunshine.  A truly beautiful ship sailing out of New Orleans that made the perfect February get away.  While those who have sailed on the Carnival Magic (which I did last August) might be slightly disappointed, I would still give this ship 2 thumbs up. The smaller size only marginally takes away from some of the amenities, but is made up in beauty and charm.  Once known as the Carnival Destiny, the Carnival Sunshine went through a full overhaul last year that has added features that can be seen aboard some of their newer and larger ships.  They boast 3 water slides and a splash zone that is fun for kids and adults.  Their Red Frog Pub has a laid back and fun atmosphere, it does not serve food like they do on other ships but still worth the visit.  Their Chinese food, Pizza, and Burrito Bar have great flavors that offer a good variety to cruisers.  I would go as far as naming Guy's Burgers the best burgers at sea.  These are just some of the many food options aboard the ship.  They had an AWESOME magician named "Spike", who claims to "sneak into your mind" and was entertaining for all ages.  While he is not one of their main acts, he can be seen in the Liquid Lounge, in dining rooms during meals and other places on the ship.  I would go as far to say the intimacy of his act was captivating to viewers and was better than the big name magician they brought on board.  Their DJ and one of their main musicians "Andy" were fun and entertaining.  They interact with cruisers and bring life to the ship.  Camp Carnival had some of the friendliest counselors I have ever met, and my room steward was to die for!  Port of calls are unchanged:  Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Cozumel.  Jamaica has so many amazing shore excursions to offer.  I highly recommend purchasing a shore excursion for this stop.  If you don't, you will be disappointed.  That is my opinion.  In Grand Cayman if you don't do an excursion, I would recommend visiting 7 mile beach.  The shopping is also a little better at this stop and is as easy as just walking right off the ship.  In Cozumel, you can walk right off the boat as well.  There is shopping, food and massages on the beach.  The massage on the beach is wonderful.  It was $50 for an hour massage- you can't beat that price and it offers a local atmosphere that is fun and relaxing.
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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My Top 3 Family Spring Break Vacations

Spring Break is a great opportunity to do something special with your family.  With the kiddos out of school and many looking for a break from the cold weather, this is considered peak season for most hot spots causing prices to trend upward.  So planning early is a must.  Spring break can go from Mild to Wild, making the assistance of a travel agent very helpful in ensuring that you get the spring break experience you desire.  Here are my picks for the top 3 family spring break vacations.
1.       Disney World- While this is a busy time to visit, there is nowhere more family oriented than the Happiest Place on Earth.  You are all but guaranteed to not see any drunken young people stumbling through the streets.  Disney World in Florida boasts 4 theme parks and 2 water parks with additional activities such as dining with your favorite Disney character, dressing up like a princess and more.  Prices for a family of 4 can be as reasonable as $649 per person for air, 4 nights stay at a Disney World hotel, transfers and park tickets.  They also offer military discounts.
2.       Cruise- Looking for good food, 24 hour fun, and a worry free vacations?  Then cruising is definitely something to explore…and this option is just a short drive south, so you save on the airfare.  Many cruisers enjoy luxury hotel amenities such as turn down service, mints on their pillows, as well as the ability to see multiple destinations in just 1 vacation.  Cruise ships out of Galveston offer an array of activities ranging from children’s programs to late night adult comedy shows catering to guests of all ages.  From Galveston and Houston, you have the options of cruising with Carnival, Norwegian, Princess or Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, and no passport is required.  With a 5 day cruise during spring break starting as low as $520 per person for a family of 4 including accommodations, entertainment on the ship, food, some drinks and more, this vacation is very affordable and fun.
3.       Cozumel- Known for its great scuba diving, Cozumel is a more family oriented area of Mexico.  The El Cozumeleno is one of many resorts that offers the white sandy beaches, crystal blue waters, all inclusive amenities and even has miniature golf for the kids.  In addition, this resort like several others includes non-motorized water sports, so you can walk out into the ocean and snorkel right there at your hotel.  While keeping the spring breakers at bay might be daunting and maybe even impossible, it is far from the streets of Cancun.  The charming town has a great atmosphere and offers an array of restaurants and shops with local flare.  During this time frame you can get a package for 5 days for as low as $799 per person for a family of 4 with air, hotel, transfers, meals, drinks and tips.
There are so many vacation options out there.  Talk to your travel agent about what you are looking for, and let us give you some options for the perfect Spring Break get away.
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Thursday, June 13, 2013

New York City

I love visiting New York City.  Buyers beware- this is not a relaxing vacation...there is so much to do and it is too expensive to stay for long.  2 weeks ago, I escorted a group of 80+ people to New York City.  We stayed at the Comfort Inn Manhattan.  I love this hotel.  It is the 2nd time that I have stayed here.  It is close enough to walk to time square and broadway, but far enough out that you save $200 or more a night.  The hotel is clean, charming, has breakfast and the staff are very attentive.  Also, the hotel across the street has a roof top bar that I heard (didn't get a chance to see) has great views of the city at night.  Attractions that I recommend:  60 minute harbor cruise, empire state building, china town, little italy, canal street, central park, museum of natural history, time square and broadway.  Take away:  We did the 9-11 memorial, which is very nice.  However, it is time consuming and there really isn't much to see yet...just 2 reflecting pools.  I am sure once they open the museum it will be well worth your time, but until then I personally think a drive by is enough of a visit.  We also visited St. Paul's Chapel, which was nice if you are in the area.  The picture above was taken while we were on the 60 minute cruise...90 minutes would have been too long.  The cruise was nice because you got to see the sky lines, up close views of the statue of liberty and bridges.  I have been to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, and honestly I liked the cruise to it and back more than the time I actually spent on the islands.  Every year we go to Rockafeller Center and 5th avenue to check out the shopping, and for me it is fun to go and see the beautiful stores.  However, once you have seen it, there really is no reason to see it twice.  Time Square is a crazy tourist zoo...but everyone must experience it at least once...and especially at night.  There are a lot of people out there that want you to take pictures with them, and they all expect a tip.  So, try not to make eye contact if possible.  We saw Spiderman on Broadway during our stay.  Great show!  It started slow, probably because you know the story, but after intermission it really picks up and they do some really cool staging.  I would definitely recommend it.  My other two favorite broadway shows are Wicked and Phantom of the Opera.  I love broadway!  One of our nights we went to Yankees Stadium and watched them play the Boston Red Sox.  Everything at the stadium is expensive, but the atmosphere is so much fun.  We took the subway back to our hotel and that was very easy to do.  We also visited the Museum of Natural History.  I normally do not care for the educational outings...just saying...but this was wonderful!  It is so big and their dinosaur exhibit is huge.  If you have a chance, this is a must see in NYC.  They do have a cafeteria in the museum, but we went down the street and grabbed some pizza.  The food was good and much cheaper.
Even though NYC is not the cleanest place and is very crowded and busy; overall it has a lot of history and charm and there is always something going it is a must see!  If you have any questions or need help planning a trip send me an email at

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Florida in the Fall

Did you notice my background photo? is a place I go every year for fall break. Inlet is just between Panama City and Destin Florida.  Now, if you go during the summer or peak season, this can be a very busy place to be.  However, during Fall Break this really is my oasis.  Cool at night, hot during the day and no large crowds to fight.  With great shopping nearby, this makes Inlet Beach my top pic for fall break.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hello and Norwegian Jewel March 2013

Okay, so you are probably wondering why I am blogging.  Well, I am hoping to make some friends, and customers and to tell my story.  I have been to a lot of fun places and helped others plan the vacations of their dreams...what's not to share?!  So, lets start with my latest adventure...the Norwegian Jewel.
In March, myself and 10 of my family members decided to cruise out of New York City on the Norwegian I will admit that I was skeptical about going out of New York City.  I have been to New York City 4 different times, what am going to see sailing out that I haven't seen before?  I was WRONG!  It was beautiful.  We saw the skyline, the statue of liberty and the bridges...just a really fantastic view of the city.  It was a lot better than what I expected.  Now, I will say it was cold sailing out but by day 2 we were all in our swim gear having a great time.  This was my 8th cruise, but my first Norwegian Cruise.  Norwegian is all about freestyle cruising, which is great for some but not for me.  Since I had a group, I had to make dinner reservations every night to ensure we could sit together.  Also, I thought the whole freestyle thing took away from the customer service that I have come to expect with cruising.  Throughout the course of our cruise I saw crew members cleaning, but overall the ship really was not that clean.  Now to the good news:  Best Cruise Director and Assistant Cruise Director Ever and I though the shows were the BEST I have seen on any other cruise line...hands down!  Also, they make a BIG deal about hand sanitizer in the dining areas.  They have crew members singing a song that you hear throughout your cruise, which is kind of annoying but I thought it was a nice safety net.  They also have a great kids program, which currently is pretty standard among most cruise lines.  However, if your child is under 3 there really is not much special for them...just FYI.  The first port of call was Orlando, and we did the excursion to Disney World.  It was wonderful, just enough time for us.  It was about an hour drive to the parks and very easy and low stress.  Even with it being spring break, the longest time we waited in line at Disney was 20 minutes...not bad at all.  Our next stop was Norwegian's private island in the Bahamas, Great Stirrup Cay.  It was a nice chill beach day.  Not much to say about the island, but it was fine to sit on the beach and get some relaxing time.  I will say the line for the food on the island was sooo long.  It seemed like since the food was free there was only one place to get it on the island, but several bars for you to purchase drinks...go figure!  They also have these aloe soaked towels they give you when you are heading back to the boat that I just couldn't get enough of...they were cold and very refreshing!  The last port of call was Nassau.  I personally love Atlantis, and so I pretty much always go there.  No we didn't buy the excursion through the can walk off the ship, grab a cab and buy passes at Atlantis.  My Uncle and his family did Snuba and the Water Park there and said it was AMAZING...I kinda feel like I missed out, but just FYI it was a pricy excursion.  And for my customers, I would ALWAYS recommend purchasing excursions through the cruise line because that way you are guaranteed to get back on the ship on-time and not get left behind.  The last thing that I will mention is in Nassau, when we were getting back on the boat, they really did a great job of welcoming up back on board.  They rolled out a red carpet, had at least 15 crew members out there, a guy on stilts, the character Diego, music, cold aloe towels and really made the other ships at the port look LAME!  We were proud to be getting on that boat. 
Overall, we had a great trip.  Honestly this seasoned cruiser would choose Carnival over Norwegian if the destination and price were the same...just because of service...however, if I were getting a deal or going somewhere special I would totally consider it.  Until my next adventure ~ Kate the Great!