Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Big Apple in 2015

Time Square

So, I know it has been awhile since I last wrote, and believe me when I say it is not for lack of vacations in my life.   In fact, I have just returned from my adventure to New York City.  This year I accompanied 99 people to see some of the most famous attractions.  While we shopped, people watched, behaved like tourists and even pretended to be locals at times; I am going to list some of the highlights from our trip.

  1. Yankees Stadium-  Even if you are not a baseball fan, the atmosphere is fun for all.   
    Yankees Stadium
  2. 9-11 Memorial Museum-  This is a must see.  The museum does a wonderful job of highlighting the people, and really focuses on the future.
  3. Intrepid Museum-  Educational outings usually are not my thing.  However being on the Intrepid and getting to walk through the captains bridge, see the array of air crafts to include the Enterprise and much more, was more than interesting.    
    Aircraft at Intrepid Museum
  4. Little Italy-  One evening my friend and I took the metro over to China Town and Little Italy.  We walked around and checked out the markets, and finally settled on a little Italian Restaurant with outdoor seating.  As the sun set, we enjoyed our food and drinks, people watched and even saw some of the local children playing in the street.  The atmosphere was perfect.
  5.  60 Minute Harbor Cruise-  I say this every time, this is the best way to see the Statue of Liberty and the New York City Skyline.  The brief cruise is the perfect opportunity to get all your pictures and is narrated for those who what to know what they are seeing.  
    1. Photo from Harbour Cruise
  6. Broadway Baby-  You just can't go to New York City and not see a Broadway Show.  While I have seen several, this year the show Aladdin stole my heart.  A great production for young and old, I have never seen a show that had so much energy.  In addition, I was able to get discounted tickets to see Phantom of the Opera again.  Always my favorite.  If you are near a theater, stop in and ask what they have.  Tkts in time square does have great deals, but so do the theaters.  
  7. Hotel Near Time Square-  I am not saying you have to spend $600 a night and stay in Time Square.  However, I would recommend staying near Time Square.  Find something within walking distance.  This time we stayed at the Fairfield Inn Time Square, which is about 3 blocks from Time Square.  While the decor was a little too modern for my taste, the location and service far exceeded my expectations.  Being close to Time Square allows you the opportunity to be in the action Night or Day, which is a must see for all travelers.
  8. Take the Metro-  It is an experience and it is the most economical way to travel in New York City.
  9. Empire State Building-  The views of the city are second to none.  Don't miss the opportunity to see the big apple from above.
  10. Central Park-  Keep in mind that Central Park is huge!  So there are many different areas in Central Park.  Personally, I like to explore the area where the artists are located.  However, strawberry fields is a great area too.  Don't be afraid to go out and explore.
If you ever decide to go check out New York City for yourself, please call or email me.  I would be happy to help you book the trip of a lifetime.

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